Whether you are an injured party, their representative, attorney or a medical provider, you may use our webpage to check the status of a claim or file a new claim. Using our system helps us to expedite the processing of claims. Please click on FILE A CLAIM for detailed instructions.

Attention All Applicants!

To expedite claims processing during the current state of affairs, we are asking applicants to not send mail via the USPS if at all possible and instead either email or fax documentation, with the exception of lawsuits. Please review the instructions below for service options for lawsuits. We continue to receive documents via the normal upload process as indicated below. However, if uploading a document to our claims systems is not a possibility, we are requesting the documents be emailed or faxed. You may email documents to: or fax them to (734) 744-8552. If you do not have access to these methods of communication and you do mail the documents via USPS, they will be received and processed in accordance with statutory guidelines.

Please note, for the health and well-being of our staff, we will not be in office to access lawsuits that are being delivered via process server. Rather, it is suggested that complaints initiating lawsuits be emailed to and we will consider service of the complaint on the date received, as if received via registred mail. If email is not possible, you may also send the lawsuit via regular mail, fax or certified mail. Please be advised, the court rules regarding registered mail will apply (answer due in 28 days from the day the email, fax or regular mail was received).

Please contact us with any questions at 734-464-1100 option 2, option 0.

We appreciate your cooperation during this challenging time!


If you have submitted an application on a mobile device or you were unable to print the application when it was originally submitted online, click the following link Printing Instructions


The state of Michigan established the Michigan Assigned Claims program in 1973 to provide assistance to people injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle, when there is no automobile insurance available.

The Secretary of State managed the Assigned Claims program until December 17, 2012, when it transitioned to the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF)


Who is eligible?

Applications for personal injury protection benefits may be made by a person because of accidental bodily injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle. Applications for benefits may also be made if the injured person was a driver or passenger of a motorcycle, if the accident involved an uninsured motor vehicle (not another motorcycle). 


Reasonable charges for medical care, recovery and rehabilitation in accordance with the Michigan No-Fault Statute.

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