In accordance with MCL 500.3171, costs incurred in the administration of the Assigned Claims Plan shall be allocated fairly among insurers and self-insurers.  The assessment for benefits and administrative costs is made annually.

Assessable Premium for MI Assigned Claims Plan

Insurers will be assessed based on the amount of direct premiums reported to the NAIC and the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) on the company’s annual statement. Assessments to self-insurers will be based on the number of self-insured vehicles reported to DIFS. Insurers and self-insurers do not need to report this information directly to the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan.

Snowmobile and motorcycle premiums may be deducted from your assessable premium for purposes of the assessment for the Assigned Claims Plan. To report snowmobile and/or motorcycle premiums to be deducted for the purposes of the assessment, complete form MACP-200 and email to   NOTE: This form replaces FIS-0065 required by LARS. This form should only be completed if you have snowomobile or motorcycle premiums to be deducted from the premium reported to NAIC and DIFS. If you do not have snowmobile and/or motorcycle premiums to report, or you are a self-insurer, do not submit this or any form.  Additional instructions are included in the form.

Invoice Questions or Company Contact Changes

Invoice inquiries and changes to company contact information, including address changes, should be reported to .

Historical Assessment Information

Assessment Year 2020/Billing Year 2019 – $274,511,958.89 *  
Assessment Year 2019/Billing Year 2018 – $269,796,558.53 *  
Assessment Year 2018/Billing Year 2017 – $272,187,732.90 *  
Assessment Year 2017/Billing Year 2016 – $265,603,477.62 *  
Assessment Year 2016/Billing Year 2015 – $248,155,822.36 *  
Assessment Year 2015/Billing Year 2014 – $238,737,085.65 *
Assessment Year 2014/Billing Year 2013 – $227,748,456 *
Assessment Year 2013/Billing Year 2012 – $226,756,696 *
Assessment Year 2012/Billing Year 2011 – $204,401,454.25 **
Assessment Year 2011/Billing Year 2010 – $172,733,186.02 **
Assessment Year 2010/Billing Year 2009 – $160,023,835.11 **
Assessment Year 2009/Billing Year 2008 – $148,455,608.20 **
Assessment Year 2008/Billing Year 2007 – $141,423,725.08 **

 * Source:  Invoice from Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility
** Source:  Invoices from Secretary of State